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The AWS Cheat Sheet by Market Hill

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NetworkDirect Connect: Used to create a dedicated networkconnectionbetween a host network to AWSAmazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC):A virtual data centrein AWS.StorageS3: Simple Storage Service and allows the storageof data objects of any sort and at les in the cloud..CloudFront:A Content Delivery Network. Lets youdistribute content to end-users.Glacier: The low-low-coststorage service thatprovides se-cure and durable storage for long-termdata archiving. They literally get your data in a truckif you use Snowball.Elastic File Storage (EFS): File storage services usedin EC2 to connect to multipleEC2 instances.Storage Gateway: Used for securely integratingon-preminfrastructure with cloud storage backupsand DR.Relational Database Service (RDS): Allows storageof data objects in relational databases. Itʼs howAWS let you Scale relationaldatabases in the cloud.DynamoDB: A NoSQL database used to managedistributeddata and backups.ElastiCache: Lets you retrieve information fromin-memorycaching systems, essentially cachingdatabases in the cloud.Redshift:Managed data warehousing service, giveyou ac-cess to cost-eective analysis while usingBusiness Intelligencetools.Data MigrationService DMS: Makes migratingdatabases to the cloudsimpler.AWS Cheat SheetWhat is AmazonWebServices (AWS)AWS is a collection of cloudbasedcomputingservices and applications thatallow for a cost-eective, exible, reliableand secure solution.To run in AWS youtypically provision instances.Notable TermsAuto-scaling: It is a service used by EC2, is itused to launch or terminate EC2 instancesbased on dened thresholds.Elastic Load Balancing: Automaticallydistribute the application trafc acrossmultiple instances at multiple availabilityzones.ComputeEC2: It is a virtual AWS server that providescompute capacity on the cloud.Types of EC2 Computing InstancesGeneral Instances: Applications that require abalance of performance and costComputeInstances: Applications that requirehigh CPU ProcessingMemory Instances: Applications have highmemory requirementsStorage Instances:Applications that havehigh storage or data requirementsGPU Instances:Applications requiringheavygraphics renderingElastic Beanstalk: It is app used for deployingand managing containers.Lambda or Serverless:It is a computingservice that runs event based code withoutneeding to manages compute resource.(Alsoknown as Serverless) +44 (0)207 448500